red shoes school of dance 


  • Invoices will be emailed at the beginning term. Payment is due in 14 days by bank transfer, cheque or cash.
  • Money is not refunded for classes missed by the student, and classes missed due to teacher’s absence, weather or other circumstances will be rescheduled.
  • A half-term’s written notice is required for a student to withdraw from any class or a half-term’s fees will be charged.
  • Exam fees will be invoiced separately. They include the costs of entering the candidate, the examiner, venue hire, venue rehearsal, practice CD and Music operator for the day. Please note Exam fees are non refundable. (Please see exam details below)

  • All students enrolling in any dance class at Red Shoes School of Dance must fill out an Emergency Contact/Medical form. Please download and return to the teacher by your first class or return by email to
  • Red Shoes School of Dance will ensure safety is always paramount and the facilities used for classes are adequate to meet the needs of the students.
  • All teachers have been assessed by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • Fire procedures are prominently displayed within the buildings and all teachers are aware of what action to take in the event of a fire.
  • In the case of an accident causing injury, first aid boxes with basic supplies are available.
  • For more serious injuries, professional medical assistance will be requested either by calling the emergency services or by escorting the injured individual to a place where they can receive treatment. If professional medical assistance is required parents will be informed immediately.
  • In the case of minor injuries, parents will be informed at the end of class.


  • Parents or guardians are ultimately responsible for seeing the safe entry and exit of their children.
  • When bringing your child to class please ensure that the teacher is present in the hall. Do not leave your child unaccompanied.
  • If your child is of a sensible age to leave at the end of class to join you outside the building you must ensure that, if you are later than expected, your child knows to return to class and inform the teacher immediately.


  • It is appreciated that parents like to see the progress their children are making; however the presence of an adult within the class can have an unsettling effect on the students, making them more self-conscious and causing a general distraction.
  • There are special circumstances where parents will be asked to stay during the class, but this is at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Pre-School Dance will also follow different guide lines depending on the ages of the children.
  • Parents are invited to watch classes during the last week of term. Please check your timetable for term date.


  • If a child is being disruptive, destructive, or dangerous to themselves, other students, or staff members during class or other Red Shoes School of Dance events, the staff will work with parents and the child in question to resolve this behaviour.
  • If this behaviour persists or any other undesired behaviour develops, the student may be asked to take a break from the class or event.


  • Photography and filming by parents or students during class is strictly prohibited, unless permission is given by the teacher. Occasionally during classes or at events Red Shoes School of Dance may employ a photographer to take still images or video footage.
  • When registering for a class at Red Shoes School of Dance a parental consent form allowing for use of appropriate images of their child will be required to be signed.
  • In the case of an event the photos/video footage will be available for purchase by the parents.
  • These images may also be used to advertise Red Shoes School of Dance in differing forms of marketing. This may include their website, advertisements in local magazines, newspapers, flyers and other promotional material.


  • All pupils are expected to be well groomed and to wear the correct uniform for their classes.
  • If you are new to the class you may wear appropriate, suitable clothing for dancing. (school shoes instead of tap shoes)
  • Hair should be neat and tidy at all times and worn in the appropriate style for each class.
  • Jewellery must not be worn.

RAD Exams in Classical Ballet and ISTD Exams for Tap and Modern
  • Students can be entered for examinations throughout their training. At Red Shoes School of Dance we follow the ‘Royal Academy of Dance’ (RAD) for Classical Ballet and the ‘Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance’ (ISTD) for Tap and Modern theatre. The teacher decides when a child is ready to take an examination.
  • A student can remain in a Grade for two to six terms due to differing rates of physical and cognitive development.
  • It is not unusual to remain in a Grade for over a year, as children need to attain high standards of performance in terms of both knowledge of syllabus, and technical and artistic skills.
  • Examinations are a good consolidation of class work, encourage focus and commitment and promote a sense of achievement.
  • Once a student has agreed to be entered for an exam and issued an invoice the fee is non refundable.

CD and Syllabus List
  • During the exam term, we give each student a complete CD of the music and written list of all exercises.
  • This gives students the opportunity to practice and revise at home, which in turn, means that valuable class time is spent on technical and artistic guidance as opposed to just ‘revising the steps’.
  • This results in higher standards.
  • Please encourage your child to show you their exercises and practice at home.

Venue Rehearsal
  • As the exam is not always held where the usual classes are, it is advisable for candidates to attend one exam venue rehearsal so they are familiar with room spacing ‘on the day’.

Examination Terms and Conditions
  • If normal lessons or the venue rehearsal are missed, the teacher may have to take the decision to withdraw your child from the examination without any refund.
  • In the run up to the exam if your child is unwell or injured, please contact the teacher or Jane Lubach as soon as possible to discuss the situation.
  • Please know that the teachers will always strive to act in your child’s best interests.

Terms and Conditions correct as of Jan 2019.