red shoes school of dance 

Sophie | Parent
Imogen loved the Primary Ballet class today and is keen to come back “every week of her life” in her words ha ha!
Becky | Senior Student
I have been dancing with Red Shoes School of Dance since it opened. Jane has taught me all the way from Grade 2 modern and tap through to the vocational grades. Jane is an excellent teacher and has supported and encouraged me to become the best dancer I can be and has helped me gain a place at my dream performing arts college. I couldn’t have done it without her. I have enjoyed every single lesson and performing in her summer showcases over the years.
Esme | Senior Student
I love dancing at Red Shoes, it is such an incredible dance school! The staff within the school have been so welcoming and have helped me excel in dance greatly. I am so honoured to be a student there.
Lisl | Parent
Thank you so much for Maya's brilliant dance training over the last few years. It was invaluable!
Stacey | Parent
Ivy really has absolutely loved her time at Red Shoes so far! As difficult as it has been with COVID restrictions, from our point of view it has been seamless, we were impressed with both the studio and online lessons.
Sarah | Parent
Thank you for your efforts to run the zoom classes! I can't begin to tell you how much Ava and Chloe both love ballet with you all. They have never been as enthusiastic about any activity before! Ava was beside herself happy after zoom class last night and Chloe can't wait until she sees you again (on a normal week she asks me every day if it's ballet yet and on Fridays she has her ballet stuff on before 8am!)
Jane | Parent
Thankyou so much for Daisy's Grade 5 Modern exam report she did really well .. a testament to your excellent teaching and classes so Thank you!
Sarah | Parent
Chloe absolutely adored the Pre school dance class this morning and told me she wants to go every day!!! Ava loved last night's class again and is counting sleeps already until the next one!!
Sarah | Parent
I just wanted to say how much Ava enjoyed her first class with you today. She came out so excited and said it was the best ballet class ever! So thank you so much!
Rebekah | Parent
Thank you for a brilliant trial modern class today. I asked Abigail on a scale of 1 to 10 how much she enjoyed it and without hesitation "definitely 10!" was her answer!
Chloe | Student
“Red Shoes is a magical place for me to dance. Whether I’m feeling happy or sad, I can dance my heart out and it burns any sad feelings away. I enjoy dancing because it makes me feel happy and helps me express my emotions. I do ballet and modern on zoom and its magical, you get to see other people and get tips from your teacher. I love it.”
Jane | Parent
Emilia loves the zoom lessons, thank you for bringing dance back in to the house!
Kirsty | Parent
I just wanted to thank you for how far Mia has come on with her dancing.
She started just over a year ago when she just turned 5 and had little confidence in front of people and wasn’t even sure if she wanted to dance.
Since then to watch her confidence grow has been lovely. To watch her perform in front of the parents and then take her first ever exam was overwhelming!
Mia loves her teachers Jane and Kate and is always smiling in class. She enjoys coming to dance which is really nice to see.
I have recommended Red Shoes school of Dance many times as I feel it’s a good dance school.
I look forward to her completing more exams in the future.
Catherine | Parent
Our experience of Red Shoes School of Dance has been nothing but warm, welcoming and professional. My daughter Meggie started Miss Whitten’s Monday Ballet Masterclass having spent 3years in full time ballet training and was blown away by her incredible enthusiasm, perseverance and of course teaching ability. Miss Whitten is a breath of fresh air and is able to work with girls on an individual basis allowing each to thrive and focus on their own journey and creativity. She has such wealth of experience and knowledge that she shares so effortlessly and humbly with all those in her classes.
Laura | Parent
Amelie has been at the school since she was two (she is now four) and she absolutely loves her lessons!! The school, teachers and support staff are fabulous!
Amelie was also lucky enough to be part of the summer show last year which was amazing and exceeded all our expectations! I would highly recommend Red Shoes School of Dance!
Carolyn | Parent
My daughter, Camilla, joined Miss Whitten’s masterclass at the start. Miss Whitten’s teaching has been absolutely invaluable to Camilla and has transformed her ballet beyond any of our expectations, so that she is now in full time dance training. Miss Whitten is quite simply the most wonderful teacher that Camilla has found, her explanations are so clear and make all the movements so much easier to understand. Her masterclasses have been the making of Camilla.
Helen | Parent
It is an extraordinary privilege for my daughter to be taught by Miss Whitten, who brings a wealth of experience as a ballerina and as a world class teacher to the lessons. Miss Whitten has an incredible eye for technique: picking up on the smallest detail and pushing my daughter to challenge herself. But she is also very warm and funny and makes the lessons fun at the same time. What has really struck me is the beautiful quality of movement that Miss Whitten has when she demonstrates the steps and I have noticed my daughter starting to stand and move differently, evidently captivated and inspired by her. The improvement in my daughter's technique and performance quality since starting Miss Whitten's classes two years ago is remarkable.
Louise | Parent
I can't recommend Red Shoes School of Dance highly enough. Both my daughters dance with the school and they absolutely love it! My youngest daughter started the Pre-school Dance Class when she was 3 and it has been wonderful to watch her progress in tap, modern and ballet over the past 18 months and to see how much her confidence has grown. The teachers are fabulous and have a lovely encouraging way with the little ones - my daughter adores them! I am delighted that both my children are part of such a lovely dance school.
Catherine | Parent
My daughter is 3 and has been dancing with Red Shoes for almost a year now, attending ballet and tap & modern classes. I am absolutely thrilled with her progress: her enthusiasm for dance is contagious and her confidence has blossomed since dancing with Red Shoes. What has surprised me the most is the level of technique she has achieved at such a young age through the dedication of fantastic teachers. My son has also danced with Red Shoes (tap and modern) and he absolutely loved it. The show at the end of the summer term was a sight to behold and I was so proud that my children were able to be a part of such a wonderful experience. The teaching staff are absolutely first rate; and I feel the classes offer children a fabulous opportunity to develop in different disciplines and represent value for money.
Alice | Parent
Wow, wow, wow! What a fabulous and impressive show. We loved every minute and can’t thank you enough for all your efforts in producing such a wonderfully professional event - we didn’t want it to end. You captured the attention of us all - even my 16 and 18 year old boys!

I can’t imagine the amount of work that has gone in to the production of Red Hot Chilli Shoes; from the admin to the wonderful costumes, the choreography, the music, the lighting and the enthusiasm - the result was amazing. Kitty has loved every minute of her involvement and I think you have been very clever to keep the little one’s so captivated. You thought of everything and it was executed with perfection.
Kate | Parent
Thank you so much for today's brilliant show. We were blown away in the audience with how fantastic it was - all the performances, the costumes, the music and lighting. It was all really slick, superbly well organised and planned, and the quality of the dancing and performance we thought was great. You've all worked so hard for it, and it was a brilliant success. Well done and thank you!
Lucy | Pre-school dance parent
My two and a half year old had her first ballet class with Red Shoes School of Dance in April. From the very beginning she was captivated and her wonderful teacher, Miss Eleanor, ensured it was a great first experience. Not a day passes now without her practising 'good toes, naughty toes' and asking when 'ballet day' is. I couldn't be happier to have found the perfect class; a wonderful introduction to ballet that is both engaging and great fun. I should also add that the little ballerinas look just gorgeous in their red and white tutus and the whole team at Red Shoes School of Dance are extremely approachable and a pleasure to deal with.
Emma | Primary ballet parent
My daughter is LOVING her lessons. I have never ever seen her so keen before. She's usually quite unsure about being left, but that's certainly not the case with Miss Laura.
Rachel | Pre-school dance parent
The pre-school class was excellent and so much better than other music and dancing sessions we've been to. I was impressed at how well the little ones followed the instructions and joined in leaving the mummies to watch.
Clare | Primary ballet parent
My daughter couldn't take the smile off her face and has come home to show me again and again what she has learnt.
Miss Laura was wonderful!
Murielle | former pupil now studying at Trinity Laban
My first experience with Jane as my teacher was at the age of 6 and I've continued with Jane till the age of 18! As my teacher she always supported me no matter what, from my first modern solo through to my audition solo, this is something I will always appreciate and cherish. Whilst having a professional approach Jane encouraged our passion for dance, this is something I will take on throughout my career.
Cathy | former parent
​Jane Lubach is a very dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. She always strives to get the best out of her pupils. My daughter Ella was taught by Jane for many years and has very fond memories of her lessons.  She is now studying for The National Diploma in Professional Dance at the Northern Ballet School in Manchester.
Emma | former pupil, now studying at London Contemporary School of Dance
​I have very fond memories of being taught by Jane.  In class she is able to create an enjoyable, supportive and encouraging, yet challenging environment; which enables students to surpass their potential.

​Jane gives such personal support and investment to all her dancers.  She has an incredible way of instilling belief and confidence in each and every student.  With a wealth of wisdom and experience for not only dance technique but the industry today, Jane is able to help guide students to further training if they so desire.
For me personally, Jane was an integral part of enabling me to go on and pursue further training in a vocational school in London.  Without her guidance, support and belief I probably wouldn’t be where I am today! She nurtures students in such a way that they are able to discover what dance means to them, be challenged, and flourish in whatever future they choose.